Software And Hardware Craftsmanship

Web / Mobile / Games / Automation

Services - What we do

Web Development

Web application and API development, systems integrations, cloud migrations, and even cross-platform desktop application development

Mobile Development

Native and hybrid cross-platform mobile development, app store and enterprise deployments, and back-end web service development and hosting

(Serious) Games and Simulation

Multi-platform game development, virtual reality, data visualization and training simulations for business, science or entertainment


Home and office automation, device development, hardware prototyping, small scale drones and robotics and other Internet of Things projects

Tech - The platforms we build on

C# JavaScript C++ F# Clojure Python Java Kotlin
Web Frameworks
ASP.NET MVC / Web API Node/Express React Angular Ember
iOS Android Windows Phone Xamarin RoboVM React Native Cordova
SQL Server PostgresQL SQLite MongoDB Redis
Game Engines
Unity Unreal Engine Cocos2d-x MonoGame LibGDX Stencyl
Cloud Platforms
Microsoft Azure Amazon Web Services Google Cloud

Use Cases - Where we can help

Enterprise Development

We've been all over government, health care, banking and e-commerce. Providing solutions in large and complex problem domains is our bread and butter, and there is not a lot we haven't seen in this space. We can guide your next project to succesful completion or rescue a project on the brink.

Startups and Crowd-Funded Projects

For startups trying to get off the ground, we can help you create a prototype or MVP. If you are a funded startup, we can serve as your complete tech team, fully developing and managing your product. We can even help you build out a permanent team to take over when the time is right. All of these same services apply to crowd-funded initiatives.

Hardware Prototypes

We can work with you to take your new hardware and Internet of Things projects from idea to reality. We'll help you create a prototype and can also work with our partners to get the mass production process started, if and when you get to that point.

Training Environments

Games and virtual environments can be an excellent way to train. We can work with you to create a training system that matches your needs, including everything from trivia games to interactive 2D and 3D games to simulated environments for virtual reality systems.

Products - Some of what we build

Animal Matchers

A classic memory matching card game. Have hours of fun matching animal characters, unlocking levels and topping your best stats

Ant Arctic

An epic platformer battle between the evil villain Mantis (who has stolen the bug world's largest supply of power gems) and hero Alex the Ant (who must capture Mantis and save the world).

Band Manager

We are building complete end-to-end platform for band management. Literally all of your bases are covered with this product, and it is a solution that you will question how you ever lived without.

Team - Who we are

Coming Soon

Business Development

Mark Rathwell

Architecture / Development

Brandon Lardie

Project Management

Stacey King

Graphics / Animation

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